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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Buck Russell EP

Phys Is Back At It!!!  

The Buck Russell EP is the first production to come out of Phys Ed's new studio. The sound is all over the board. Bouncy, Melodic, and sometimes Hard; it's an EP that changes its vibe quickly yet some how it all gels. 

Take a listen and Holler on the comments if you feelin' it!

Click Below  

Portable Product

Portable Product

Sorry for the massive delay! Phys Edison has been on a bit of a break due to some major life accomplishments. New House, new baby, and another baby on the way. But in that time he has still been still producing.

This album is called Portable Product because Phys has been making beats for the last four years on his laptop while living in four different houses. Sometimes he had his turntables and gear, sometimes not. Regardless, here is the Portable Product from all those moves. We hope you enjoy! In the meantime, get ready for the Guestroom to once again be relevant. As always, feel free to submit any music to the guestroom by emailing Phys at or messaging him on here.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Searching For Piper

A shout out to one of the greatest MC's I have ever know. Pied Piper where you at? Here is a series of beats created from 2003-2007 in the aftermath of a forced breakup of Phys Edison and Pied Piper's group"Mannerisms".  I am also putting the album out there as an invitation for Piper to dust off those vocals chords and hit these beats. Download with link below and drag and drop artwork to media player. If you have any information on the where abouts' of Pied Piper please leave a comment below. Props to Papa Funke on the artwork... drawn from memory at the age of 16 after World War II.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Broadcast #5

Phys Edison kicks us some new wave, hip hop, and even a little country in his continuing effort to broadcast his monstrous collection of hits. Prompted by ESP (aka Soda Pop) to make a broadcast with some music he'd thought Phys would want him to hear. There's tracks from Paul Mccartney, Kid Koala, Madlib, Charles Wright, The Rolling Stones, The Animals, and much more. Download by clicking link below (find download button on new webpage) and don't forget to drag artwork from webpage to your media player...

Monday, March 18, 2013


Some golden Hip Hop classics for your eardrums!

Phys Edison is back to mix up a fresh batter of hotness. Lots of dope tracks to sink into... you'll hear pieces from TRIBE CALLED QUEST, DIAMOND D, FAT BOYS, FUNKDOOBIEST, SOULS OF MISCHIEF, KRS-ONE... you get the idea.

So go ahead and consume... download from link below

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beverly Dig

Beverly Dig - Beat Club #1

Three producers have come together to form a truly unique opportunity for your listening ears. Ryno, Red Delicious (aka Graeme Williams), and Phys Edison make up the Beat Club. The club is set up to dig up various record spots around the Chicagoland area. After purchasing their vinyl, the guys challenge one another to produce new beats within a certain time frame. This was their first dig and it was done at notorious Beverly Record store in the south suburbs of Chicago. Red Delicious kicks things off with the first three tracks, one of which came from a He-Man 45'. Ryno handles the middle of the session (tracks 4-9) starting things off with a stone killer from Dionne Warwick. Phys Edison finishes things up (tracks 10-12) with three movements that equate to about 10 new beats. The Beverly Dig is certainly impressive and we look forward to more from The Beat Club.
^^Click Link to Download Album - Drag and Drop Artwork to Music Player^^

Saturday, March 31, 2012

NASACA - Phys Edison


Phys Edison has emptied his crates and pulled out some saucy Latin Music for all of his amigos. This mix has tunes representing all 3 of the America's. The mood varies throughout the session. Some songs are upbeat, others slow but be confident in knowing all of these cuts satisfy your hunger for some spicy rhythms. The eras represented range from mainly the 1960's - 1970's. There is a nice blend of instrumentals and vocals to coincide with the already dynamic selection of sounds. Download NASACA today and heat up your music player during those brisk spring days.
^^^CLICK TO DOWNLOAD MP3^^^ Drag and drop artwork to media player for cover