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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DJ Intel - Portishead

Solid technical skill, unmatchable versatility, and a true love for music are among the many things that separate DJ Intel from his contemporaries. His unique style makes him a fan favorite. DJ Intel's ability to spin many genres, including house, rock, dubstep and contemporary as well as hip hop classics, keeps the dance floor full and leaves the people wanting more at the end of the night. DJ Intel has played some of the biggest venues in the Chicago, right now though he's gracing the pages of the Guestroom. To quote Intel, "After I got home from seeing Portishead last night in Chicago I felt like playing some records.  Here's what came out of it.  Enjoy."  This link to this mix and many more can be found on Intel's ultra fresh blog ( Intel updates his blog regularly and he would love it if you became a follower. So check out his blog and this amazing mix. Word!

Click link above and follow directions on web page. To download, scroll down the page and find the media player widget. Click arrow on widget that is facing downward. (It's a tiny arrow on right side of media might have to search for it ;-)

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